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Villalina: un Bed and Breakfast Castiglioncello. Non un semplice Bed and Breakfast Toscana ma situato nel promotorio: la parte "Nobile" di Castiglioncello

Villa Lina
Via Napoli 12
Castigliocello, LIVORNO

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Villa Lina B&B

Villa Lina B&B

Villa Lina is situated on the Tuscan shore, amid the greenery of pines and oaks. It was built in the early 900's, and is truly near the sea on the "headland", ancient spot inhabited by the Etruscans 2,000 years ago.

Here, at the start of the century, the "impressionist movement" in art, "Macchiaioli", was born. The owner's lodge is available for one or two weeks in spring, summer or autumn for a very small and select guests.

From here it is possible, in a short time, to reach cities and towns steeped in art and culture such as Florence, Pisa, Volterra, San Giminiano as well as areas in Maremma (Tuscany) known for the beauty of the landscape
interesting history and archaeological discoveries.

The owner is a renowned cooking teacher, author of several cookbooks.
She specializes in healthful, light cuisine retaining all the taste and using natural lo-fat ingredients: "Salute e Leggerezza";
She prepares both continental and traditional Tuscan dishes and her desserts are exquisite

She also does compositions of dried flowers, leaves and petals which result in lovely pictures of Tuscany landscapes, still lifes and animals.
She has had 10 exhibitions in Italy and Europe, the last being in the famous "Georgofili Academy" in Florence.


VillaLina B&B

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Villalina al pari di un un Hotel a Castiglioncello: una vera e propria casa vacanza Castiglioncello vicinissima al Castello Pasquini. Cosa c' di meglio di un b&b al mare? VillaLina un B &B in Versilia

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